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This entry of mine won CSK WEEKLY BLOG CONTEST. Read through !

Let me go down memory lane. The year was 2010. In order to visit my native town, I broke my alliance with Chennai temporarily. En route to Alapuzha in a boat, I was acquainted with a loquacious Spanish tourist who doubled as a sports fanatic. When our conversation veered towards Sports, he bragged that his club FC Barcelona was the best. I was getting fidgety.

For the next few moments, I buried my love for FC Barcelona. Calmly, I began: “Dude, when it comes to this part of the world, things take a different turn. F.C.B. is lesser known here because the lions rule down south!!

Lions? Which lions? With a smile I said: “THE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS.” I continued “The club’s inception happened a few moons ago nevertheless; we have evolved into a well rounded team in a matter of months. We have knocked on the doors of semi-final consistently! The games might be different albeit, my club CSK matches F.C. Barcelona blow by blow in terms of players or flair.




“We just concluded a season where everything we touched turned into gold. Like your team, CSK too has achieved a dream double just in the third year. The CORE of F.C.Barcelona is Iniesta, Xavi and Messi. Xavi controls the play, so does our captain M.S. Dhoni. He marshals his resources in the most effective manner with a cool head.

“Hussey, like Iniesta is art in motion and can switch gears effortlessly. Morkel, like Messi, is the talisman! He can let his bat and ball do the talk! The home grown flair of Pedro, Busquests and Bojan are matched by Badrinath, Ashwin and Murli Vijay and Balaji (with KKR now). Badrinath and Murali Vijay command surgical precision. Balaji is miserly; so is Ashwin!

“Puyol, Dani Alves and co. thwart any intrusions and defend their hearts out. For us this is done by Bollinger, Morkel and Murali. They send down searching questions to the batsmen. They have a repertoire full of variety.

“The team as a whole does the job of goal keeper Victor Valdez. They are livewires when it comes to fielding. Unlike your coach, Fleming remains subdued but sure. Disciplinary actions against players are unheard of!”

When I uttered the last line, he stood up and said: “All right, I accept it,” and walked away from me! The School children next to me broke into hurrahs and claps.


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