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Smart Phones and Dumb People.

Smart Phones and Dumb People.

After attending a day full of interviews and submitting C.V.s, I was fast asleep owing to the tedium. Just when I was about to embark on cloud nine in my dreams, a mysterious phone call ended it all and brought me back to the real world. I looked around me wondering what the time was. It was pitch black all around except the light emitted by the cell phone like a beacon. With a mind heavily loaded with questions I reached out for my cell and found a strange , new number. After vacillating whether to attend the call or not, I decided to go with the former since I thought it could be my prospective employer hurrying to recruit me at the earliest.

Expecting a polished English accent and courteous behavior from the other end I pressed the ACCEPT button. Nevertheless, what greeted me was pure Chennai Tamil. Without even showing concern to introduce himself the voice began – “Dai entha area da ne ?? ‘ I have caught you red handed !”. Before I could answer him a barrage of questions followed. One of the questions by the stranger made me a motor cycle thief in no time and the other wanted to know my whereabouts in Coimbatore. The vehement denials about the accusations from my side cut no ice with him but the Coimbatore allegation was unbearable. I retorted that he has dialed the wrong place and I in fact stayed in Chennai. But this angry young man was in no mood to mellow down. He was utterly convinced that he has finally traced the culprit who has got hold of his precious motor cycle. When he confidently asserted that I am in Coimbatore, I was a bit startled and looked out of my window to make sure I was really in Chennai or had been teleported to Coimbatore like in the movie JUMPER.

After locating the streets name on the wall from the window, I was reassured and embarked on a never ending verbal duel. In a effort to intimidate me, he handed the phone to a Police constable who reiterated me to bring the motor cycle back and surrender in the Police Station. When it dawned upon me that I could not convince them that we both were separated by space and time, I challenged them to catch me if they can ! When abuses were being hurled from the other end owing to my defiance and disregard for law , I heard the guy conveying to the constable that he had dialed the WRONG NUMBER ! Looks like the guy had interchanged the last two numbers while dialing and I ended up receiving the call instead of the real culprit !! Sanity was eventually restored and the AVENGERS from the other side called truce.

In an attempt to extend the olive branch the guy apologized to me for the whole fiasco. Upon being asked how could he make a mistake while handling a sensitive issue, his reply startled me. He said ” I OWN A SMART PHONE and I THOUGHT IT CANT MAKE ANY MISTAKES”.Adverts proclaiming that our country is becoming smart and people need to switch to smart phones needs a tweak here. The country is becoming smart but people are becoming dumb in fact !



2 responses to ““Hello my dear wrong number!”

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  1. That is Indeed Hilarious….And How did you manage to keep the call for so long..
    Smartphones and Dull people is the scenario here.. 😛
    I hope you had a great time. 😛


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