“Rape ? Ladies, It’s Your Fault – by All India Bakchod.”   4 comments

Branding the victim as  ZINDA LAASH ( LIVING CORPSE), Asking to Call the criminals BROTHERS and beg them to refrain from the act, Marrying the girls off at a younger age, Asking a fee, convenient time and place to violate a woman’s body in public,………. These are SOME OF THE MANY CLASSIC REACTIONS from our Politicians, God men, Moral Policemen, Sanskriti Brigade etc when it happens. Given the impunity prevailing due to low conviction rates, the increasing pending cases, the insensitivity of the Men in Khaki, and passing – the – buck culture of our political class, the comments are bound to increase adding to the GARDEN VARIETY OF KNEE JERK RESPONSES when violations of BODILY INTEGRITY happens.

In order to stop this non sense here and now, AIB has created a HATKE  – CAMPAIGN VIDEO starring Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pandey. The video blazes a trail by staging a satirical take on the whole issue. My friends and I were expecting sombre mood, low lighting, endless statistics, grim faces and people coming together asking viewers to take pledges. What we got instead was this pleasantly different video treating the issue sarcastically.

This video generated many responses from my friends. Some said its hilarious and just because of that the intended message will go over the head or under the chair of the viewer not reaching him eventually. Others were more receptive obviously bored with the run of the mill campaigns and pledges by media houses. All of us concurred that this is far better than the MARD campaign. Some laughed aloud but showed maturity by realizing that it is indeed men who must change their patriarchal mindsets. Above all, this video made us all sit up and take notice despite watching it late on youtube.  Hope it does for the rest of India too.





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4 responses to ““Rape ? Ladies, It’s Your Fault – by All India Bakchod.”

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  1. What an intriguing blog name – need to google it to find out,what it means! 🙂

    I think that Kalki video is for urban and educated India (which also needs to change). However, for the lesser educated (or may be more traditional) desi-janata of India, there are all the films with their munnis and chamelis that are so pervasive and that say that treating women and girls like dirt is fine, they are just men’s play things.

    I do not believe in censorship – so how can their mindsets be reached?


    • Hi buddy,
      Thank You so much for the comment.
      You have raised pertinent points worth pondering. I know the answers but was just wondering where to begin with. Will respond soon once I decide where to begin from.
      And Edathua is a place in Upper Kuttanadu, Alapuzha. Its juxtaposed between Chakkulam,(E),Thakazhy and Ambalapuzha – the illustrious neighbours. Its know for the St. George Church and the Palli Perunnal. Most part of the movie KAZCHA was shot in and around Edathua. Didnt give it a thought that people will get intrigued by the name because its so familiar for the gang. lol. Will make amends.
      Will get back to you with your answers. Just wait for a couple of days. Planning to write a blog on the same.


  2. It’s an interesting video, really.

    The fault does not lie in the way women dress or behave, it lies in man’s mind.


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