“The Lone Abode atop a tiny hill.”   12 comments

The Lonely Abode atop a hillEvery turn you take in High Range, Kerala throws up many surprises. You may discover things ranging from pristine cascades, weather weary rocks, creepy valleys, avian friends, tiny creatures and ill tempered tuskers over the course of your journey. When the road snaked through a nondescript village, inhabited by tea plantation workers, I discovered an isolated abode devoid of all charms but leaving an everlasting impact on me.

Years have rolled past since but I still imagine the way of life in those quaint little villages where life is a long lasting struggle but one can still live life in slow motion amidst nature’s orchestra.



12 responses to ““The Lone Abode atop a tiny hill.”

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  1. I always wonder about the lives of the people as I pass their homes on the lonely hill roads. So different from ours!


  2. I once walked up a small hill to visit the family just like that.
    It was somewhere near Palakkad or Idukki. Nice people, a little girl was reading her book. I am suddenly reminded of them.


    • Apart from a sign of development (tar road) ,the place was untouched by globalisation.
      Still remember many vouching the fact that People in Idukki are down to earth and will go out of their way to help strangers and first timers.
      May be because their inner circles still remain untouched by Globalisation. (read greed)
      Good to know that you too turned nostalgic !!


  3. A sweet abode & simple people 🙂


  4. the lonely hamlets in far away places are the most enduring memories.


  5. Where is this?Looks like Munnar


    • Its in Pathanamthitta – the youngest district in kerala. Enroute to sabarimala , there are many such picture postcard places.
      Munnar is in Idukki district which is juxtaposed to Pathanamthitta. However both are part of the Majestic Western Ghats.


  6. Beautiful Kerala!


  7. Is that really abandoned? It’s beautiful. Such tiny houses have a serene beauty that mansions cannot give.
    You said it perfectly. Every turn throws surprises. As I grow I just get all the more fond of this place 🙂 Even the green is greener here!

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