“Woods are Lovely, Dark n Deep !”   26 comments

Stopping by the woods.

Another pilgrimage in search of Moksha lead us to Sabarimala located in Pathanamthitta, Kerala.  When the journey entered the ERUMELI – CHALAKKAYAM – PAMPA phase, the desperate break from the mundane that we all searched for had arrived.

Spreading a veil of morning mist over the road ahead, Nature was playing hide and seek with us. Journey came to an abrupt halt when the driver could no longer negotiate the winding roads owing to thick fog. Amidst the Bhakthi filled milieu inside the Van, we could all recognize the pangs of our muscles desperate for a stretch or two. Giving respite to the unceasing chants, we took a Kaapi break despite the low visibility.

This was the moment when nature turned the tables on us. Slowly but steadily she dropped her thick veil and revealed her magnificent self though for a fleeting moment! Laid out on each side of the road were green carpets on which stood majestic trees surviving the test of time, under whose shelters thrived tiny plants and beautiful flowers !  Every part of this stretch was a potential picture post card !

When this beautiful scene unfolded in front of us, all we could say to ourselves was – Carpe diem ! For a moment, we forgot about the extended halt and the rest of the journey ! Before the moment could fly away, we tried to capture it as best as we could ! And the next moment heavens opened ! We continued our journey in search of Moksha but felt as if we had attained it halfway through !!

Indeed – The woods are lovely, dark and deep ! But we had promises to keep. -Robert Frost


26 responses to ““Woods are Lovely, Dark n Deep !”

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  1. Real post card stuff. Great click


  2. Beautiful poetic description.
    Enjoyed reading it.


    • Thanks a lot Mam!!

      BTW – Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening – is one of the poems I remember from school days.
      Great lines by Robert Frost. I invoked a few lines which were relevant to the post ! (The last lines of the post is so beautiful…are taken from the poem! In fact the title too is courtesy FROST.Its also Nehrus favourite poem too) So I share credit alongside the great ROBERT FROST !!

      Thanks for reading !!


  3. I loved reading, everything about the beauty of nature you described, filled my mind with peace. 🙂


  4. the Scene is Aweome. Nice post. The way to Sabarimali is full of fog in the evenings


    • Thanks for the comment !!

      Since then I ve never had a chance to stop at Chalakkayam !! May be because we take different route.. dont really know !! Good to hear that you too know about Sabarimala !!


  5. My all time fa v poem by Robert Frost. Nice photo too !


  6. WOW! Lovely capture and loved the description too!


  7. Beautiful photograph.


  8. Lovely mix of colors, with the white of the mist hanging over the green forest.


  9. beautiful 🙂


  10. Breathtaking picture… and very serene too…
    Just-as-beautiful description
    P.S. And the poem I will never forget for it was the one that gave me my first stage fright… Long story short : ba ba ba adichu thaazhey irangi :3
    Anyways, nice blog.. 🙂


  11. this is beautiful click


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