“When it rains”   19 comments

Monsoon in Kuttanad, Kerala.

The time when nature comes alive, raining down from heavens, breathing life back into barren lands, lazy rivers, trickling cascades, hungry ponds, and in its wake bringing forth the lost hues of the verdant green and creatures great and small. When the Monsoon rhapsody escalates, one can easily slip back into the sit back and relax mode, breathing in the irresistible petrichor while sipping in a cup of Kaapi or two staying within the comforts of a blanket.

But there is more to Monsoon than what meets the eye ! For out there, a struggle is on for survival encompassing all and sundry. The banks struggling to contain the deluge, migrating fishes striving to outwit the nets, the loquacious frogs trying to evade the stealthy snakes, the saintly storks and swooping kingfishers sealing the fate of edgy fishes, survival is at stake for everyone.

Embodiment of Spirit of survival !!Survival of the Human Spirit !

A commoner is out there, on his tiny vessel, waiting under a makeshift shelter seeking reprieve from the unceasing rains ! He has nothing on the vessel barring the oar and a sack of cement apparently to plug one of the leaking walls in his tiny abode discovered at the eleventh hour ! The wait is getting prolonged, revealed by the looks heavenwards translating into vehement sighs, since the downpour has put a spanner in his works ! The sail ahead, through the choppy waters would be strenuous. Just when the truant sun appeared for a glimmer, reducing the downpour into a drizzle, the mighty SURVIVOR set sail again pushing his oar forward with all his might ! As he disappeared in distance, the skies again turned pregnant with rain clouds all set to unleash its fury with renewed vigor.

Surviving in the maze of backwaters (read Alapuzha) for the commoner is a struggle ! This hits the crescendo with the advent of monsoon every year. Nevertheless, combining numerous frugal innovations of the people (JUGAAD) and the government back up, the odds have partially turned even. But, just when you think your fortress is impregnable, she lets you know who is in command the next moment !!

This picture was captured during the temporary reprieve from lashing rains when the mood was light .


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19 responses to ““When it rains”

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  1. Beautifully Written..I totally enjoyed reading this…Rains certainly brings mix moods to everyone..When it is Light is the time to enjoy and when it is Heavy it is the only Commander..


  2. When I went on reading, I started feeling as if I am in the scene… Powerful writing!


  3. Monsoon winds had always been so close to my heart.. Don’t exactly know how many times I have tried writing on this, but decided not to after battling with words. Maybe, it’s that i don’t have enough expressions in my little kingdom of paraphernalia to describe the true spirit and essence of monsoon..

    Loved this post…. Great writing friends! Keep going..


  4. It’s nice of you to capture such intimate details of real people in our country.


  5. Very well written. Richly described.


  6. Love that photo. It makes me feel nostalgic.


  7. Mother nature rules!
    Vivid description of the scene with words.


  8. Well written, felt connected all along. Rains are something that drives me from inside, !!


  9. Wonderful post! Well narrated and lovely image too!


  10. Lovely write up. I say this again. I adore your writing style. 🙂
    This is one side of monsoon, one that takes all away, one that craves for the rains to stop. For them, monsoon will look like the red eyed monster.
    And then there is the other side. The one where the wait is finally over and they embrace this beauty with all their hearts.
    Whatever it is, Kerala will never be the same without monsoon. 🙂

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