“Shhh ! The Birds are here !!”   4 comments

One can easily include SANKARAPANDIAPURAM and KOLLUKUDIPATTI  into the long list of very many sleepy but verdant hamlets in southern Tamil Nadu. Tucked within the districts of VIRUDHUNAGAR and SIVAGANGA, these nondescript villages have to stage something out of the ordinary to break into the mainstream media. They did grab the eye balls recently ! The reason fortunately is not another honor killing and the cycle of violence in its wake.

These two villages, despite falling within the fireworks manufacturing belt of Tamil Nadu, have blazed a trail by refraining from bursting fire crackers this Deepavali. Not because they feel the pinch but to PROVIDE CONGENIAL ATMOSPHERE FOR WINGED VISITORS TO ROOST !! Deepavali, in these villages, clashes with the migratory season of the avians. Birds ranging from Egrets, Herons, Common hoods, Storks and Ibis stopover at these villages, nests on top of the trees, around the tanks and care for their young ones. Villagers keep firecrackers at arms length since the din of crackers will surely terrify the birds especially the fledglings who may fall to death as a consequence. This sweet departure from tradition fortunately make sure that the birds reckon these villages as rendezvous in the course of their transnational sojourn.  Now, that’s what PLAYING THE PERFECT HOST means !This care for ecology has been in practice for years but was discovered of late !!

For the little kids, they peacefully spend their evenings counting the birds that nest in trees – a subtle exercise, which is still a work-in-progress, to make sure the TRADITION will be passed on to the next generation ! For those tiny tots who cannot resist the temptation, parents buy them low intensity crackers with a rider: they are asked to go out of the village to burst them.  If anyone dares to breach the collective conscience of the village community deliberately and attempt to break the peace, they will promptly be caught and handed over to the Police.

SANKARAPANDIAPURAM and KOLLUKUDIPATTI would be devoid of pets cringing under the cots, vignettes of littered streets, left over firecrackers strewn all around and the old and infirm cursing the young who burst high decibel firecrackers.  Hope there would be many such undiscovered villages with unpronounceable names, across the length and breadth of India, blazing a trail in their own little ways and inspiring the ones who discover them !!


4 responses to ““Shhh ! The Birds are here !!”

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  1. This is news to me and I was happy to know such traditions for winged guests exist in today’s world.


  2. It feels nice and relieved to know that there are human beings who care for other creatures.


  3. Wonderful initiative. My respect for the rural folks for this.


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