“Nurturing my Nation !”


This blog post is my entry for the contest “AN IMMUNE INDIA” conducted by “INDIBLOGGER” in association with “DABUR”. For more details visit http://www.daburchyawanprash.com.


                                    NURTURING MY NATION !

There comes an “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity in the journey of every nation which could tremendously dictate its future course. Some nations have grabbed the opportunity and have made it dance according to their tunes but some have let it slide only to utter in wail for the rest of their lifetime. Seven years from now the Indian Nation, inevitably, will be at the cusp of “the great opportunity”. The resounding question on every observer’s lips is whether the Indian Nation can grab this opportunity and script it according to India’s will or turn it into a disaster of epic proportions. The naysayers pooh-pooh that India does not even have an outside chance to grab the “defining moment” cultivating deep scepticism among the optimists.

On the cusp of an opportunity !

These Doubting thomases and their rhetoric are not without substance since the task at hand, as a prerequisite, demands building a stronger, healthier and above all an Immune India! But the path to achieve an Immune India is strewn with obstacles at every turn each being unique, demanding and each varying in magnitude. Lending weight to the questions of the sceptics is the current state of India showing eternal signs of disintegration.

Because, according to them, the Indian Nation which we live in today, beyond its sheer size and astonishing diversity, is playing host to many a churnings, big and small, occurring simultaneously through the length and breadth of the country. As an unavoidable consequence, the nation is starkly polarised into two extremes which can be called as “INDIA” and “BHARATH”. The “INDIA” represents the aspiring ultra modern metros and brand new cities and the “BHARATH” represents the deeply conservative rural villages reminiscent of the yore.  The “aspiring INIDIA”, which you and I belong to, lives in the modern cities and towns with IT parks, swanky malls, gated colonies, luxury cars and smart phones in company. On the other hand, the “conservative Bharath” is still confined to thatched roofs, fallow lands, dusty lanes and open defecation portraying a disturbingly opposite picture. In the “modern INDIA”, the fad is nuclear family, comprising working parents who think life in terms of board meetings, deadlines, promotions, night shifts and shopping whereas the flag bearers of “rural BHARATH” are the crumbling Joint families, bothered more about adequate Monsoons, cropping patterns, loans, debts sufferings and suicides.

Galloping forward !
The “modern INDIA” Galloping forward !

The quintessential breadwinner of the “modern INDIA” strives to maintain his contacts with the government of the day which brings him money, assures his son a place in a university or a good school perhaps with a gentle bribe and to promote the well being of his family before his neighbours whereas his contemporary in the “rural BHARATH” is the archetypal farmer who prays for a bountiful monsoon, guards his crops vigilantly and strives to sell them without incurring losses but at the end of the day struggles to earn two rotis for him and his family when he has one.

The women of “aspiring INDIA”, apart from being good wives and doting moms are progressive, freedom loving, financially independent eves who care for their looks and go on diet out of choice. Astonishingly, the women dotting the “rustic BHARATH” despite being devoted wives and loving mothers would most probably be school dropouts, leading lives within the confines of homes mired in superstitions spending their nights half starved out of sheer compulsion.

The youth of the “futuristic INDIA” is the Uber cool, mall trotting, tab loving, smart phone crazy facebook addicts who study in wi-fi campuses and lands in an IT company with a hefty pay pack once out of college. The less fortunate youth of the “bucolic BHARATH” struggles to finish his schooling, traverse great distance to reach college, takes to hereditary occupation due to fading skill sets and paucity of recruiters.

The “fast moving INDIA” represented by the urbane and high class man, forward looking women and the wired youth is in an endless tug of war with the patriarchal villager, subdued women folk and jobless youth portrayed by the “sloth like BHARATH”. In this unceasing struggle for supremacy both try to overwhelm each other to stamp their authority by projecting themselves as the sole representatives of the 21st century India.

Trailing Behind !
The “rustic BHARATH” Trailing Behind !

The “trailing BHARATH” pulls the rug from under the “INDIA” itching to leap into the future, aided by technology and growth, by always being deficient. The “INDIA” of the cities serves its revenge by crying foul about the “uncompromising BHARATH” forever on a laid back mode. Caught in the crossfire are the aspiring Migrants in search of a new identity, the minorities who still have unhealed wounds, the fighting disabled section and the real sons of the soil: Adivasis who are a picture of neglect. The voice of these hapless sections of the population, falling in the bottom rung of the pyramid, is drowned out in the endless cacophony emanating from prime contestants.The times are hard since there are dark clouds gathering in the horizons in the form of unbridled terrorism, communal virus, regional divides and the yawning gap in wealth distribution readying itself to rain down upon our nation furiously.

Cold Blooded Assassins waiting to spread their wings !
Cold Blooded Assassins waiting to spread their wings!

Encouraged by these intense divides and unending pessimisms, a new group of ASSASINS are in town to launch a scathing attack on India. Adept at camouflaging, these stealthy warriors have already crept into our lifestyles, making sure all the while that we are blissfully unaware of the developments. The INDIA of the urban sophisticate never spares a moment to halt and reflect about the pitfalls ahead. In order to triumph in the rat race, the urban inhabitant forget exercise, skip breakfast, assume more burdens, compromise on slumber, and eats whatever comes his way thus becoming the epitome of erratic life. The forward looking women, in order to escape the stress brought by their daily chores, watch soap operas blissfully unaware of the all conquering FLAB invading their bodies altering their Body Mass Index forever. Youth, glued to their touch screens forever, develop complications in EYESIGHT and become bespectacled in an early age effectively denting their verve to a great extent. The children of the Concrete jungles, devoid of playgrounds, take to game consoles en masse all along munching chips and gulping down aerated drinks turning into couch potatoes and ends up battling the bulge ultimately. The ASSASINS who calls themselves NCDs {Non Communicable Diseases} mercilessly unleashes cold blooded killers, on the sitting ducks of  “urban INDIA”, called cardiac arrest, hypertension, depression, dementia, diabetes and malignant cancers who grow by the day adding more victims to their unending list.

Banking heavily on the superstitious and semi literate bunch inhabiting the “rustic BHARATH”, another set of ASSASSINS who go by the name CDs {Communicable Diseases} have already crawled into the villages. The real son of the soil, the farmer who stretches every sinew in his body and sweat it out in the field, succumb to the compromised quality of food and notoriously low calorie intake exposing him to many ailments ranging from simple fever to the lethal diarrhea . When the breadwinner’s body shows signs of weakening, the income trickles down pushing his family into the brink of poverty.  His better half, as a result of spending many half starved nights and frequent childbirths, grow notoriously weak and falls prey to ANAEMIA and other deficiencies. The Children who become stunted and wasted due to the paucity of micro nutrition and proper parental care get lost in the bear hug by MALNUTRITION. The able bodied youth who drop out early roam unemployed or stray into social vices. Unable to work, ashamed to beg, condemned to penury, they lead their lives waiting for a new dawn which eludes them to no end. A drought, flood or an epidemic could lick the whole village clean of its population!

The “urban INDIA” is Materialistic, West-centric and excessively nourished whereas the “rural BHARATH” is Spiritual, Superstitious and malnourished. No country in the world has played host to such differences within itself than the India Nation.

COMMON COLD: The great leveller !
COMMON COLD: The great leveller !

Amidst all these glaring differences, there is one visible theme cutting across the cities and the villages of our nation. When our body shows slight symptoms of bad cough, running nose, reddish eye and a feverish feeling the hypochondriacs of India and the Bharath display the same penchant: They run to the doctor out of sheer panic! They don’t realize that COMMON COLD, the national illness, affects prince or poor, young or old, male or female and embraces you no matter whichever state, city or village you are in. The Doctors, who differs in terms of quality, orders a barrage of medicines and antibiotics which reassures the urban literate whereas the gullible rural inhabitant unnecessarily parts with his money for subjecting his body to various tests. The urban literate assuming that he is safe and sound falls back into his erratic life whereas his body by now has become a dump yard for medicines. The rural chap’s attention is gained when it is declared that he suffers from a hitherto unknown disease and will even become a mere sacrificial pawn in the game of organ trade. Alas! The veil of ignorance surrounding the “futuristic INDIA” and the “superstitious BHARATH” stays intact!! Even a mere thought about PREVENTION or IMMUNITY doesn’t flash across their minds !

These complexities will make even the greatest optimist in the world to refrain from imagining an IMMUNE INDIA even in his wildest of dreams. It may tempt the sceptics to easily conclude without batting an eyelid that the “INDIA” in the fast lane is heading north and the “BHARATH” in perpetual slow motion is heading south! He will pull the curtains down assuming that THE TWAIN SHALL NEVER MEET!!

Meet challenges head on !
Meet the challenges head on !

Meeting challenges halfway would be so UN INDIAN like. If we could hold our nation intact in the face of numerous adversities for the past 66 years then we could transform the dream of IMMUNE INDIA into a reality with a little determination.

There are no cut and dry solutions to the task at hand because Indian life is different. We do not belong either to the fork and knife tribe of the west or the chopstick holders of the east. Our biggest advantage is that we dip our fingers deep in reality and therefore stand a better chance at understanding what is actual and what a chimera is! The magnitude of the task should always be at the back of one’s mind. Once you have realized the enormity of the task all you need is a modus operandi and a never say die spirit to embark on the challenge of making India Immune!

The good news for the brave hearts who have decided to pull up their socks and take the plunge is that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel! In order to build an IMMUNE INDIA, all you need is to view things from a different perspective. This calls for the revival of a vital element which has long lost favour amongst us and is often recalled as an afterthought. It goes by the name TRADITON.

AYURVEDA: The Indian way of holistic healing !
AYURVEDA: The Indian way of holistic healing.

One just need to leaf through the pages of Indian history to understand the glorious Indian tradition in Medicines. In the vanguard of the Traditional Indian system of healing, jointly christened “AYUSH”, is AYURVEDA which is an eclectic combine of life and knowledge. Rich ancient texts ranging from Charakasamhitha to Sushruthasamhitha are reservoirs of knowledge which have stood the test of time and still serve as inspirations for a coterie of practitioners to stage breakthroughs in holistic healing. These gold standards pioneered by many Rishis of the yore and prolonged by the practitioners of today can serve as the key to achieve the dream of an IMMUNE INDIA. This will also make sure the tie with the tradition is not severed.

One must not mistake this as a war cry for reviving Indian Tradition and shunning the incomparable knowledge oozing from the west in the form of modern medicine. The trick lies in striking the golden mean: Reviving the traditional Indian system of medicine spearheaded by Ayurveda to such an extent that it strikes a chord with the contemporary and complements the modern stream of medicine effectively.

These are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures. Nevertheless, how on earth can anyone revive a system which is as old as the hills to a “modern” population inspired by the west and swearing by the word “instant”?

Just when it tempts the pessimists to conclude that the mission will be aborted, comes India’s answer and perhaps the brightest hope which goes by the name: DABUR. Dabur, founded in 1885 by the far-sighted Dr. S.K.Burman, is the quintessential outcome of the successful marriage between Indian tradition and Western technology. An early bird, Dabur has effectively moulded modern technology with Ayurveda to bring home the wellness of Indian tradition without losing even an ounce of authenticity. If Dabur, from its humble origins in the 19th century, has grown on to become a towering presence in India as well as abroad in the 21st century, it is primarily because of an unwavering vision guided by creative leadership adhering steadfastly to quality all the while.

Celebrate Life !!
Celebrate Life !!

At the forefront of Dabur’s passionate efforts, focussed on the health and well being of every household, is its trump card: DABUR CHYAWANPRASH: the cornucopia of wellness. Drawing immense inspiration from the Ayurvedic treatise Charaka Samhitha, Dabur blazed a trail, as early 1949, by launching India’s first branded CHYAWANPRASH hitting the market in tin pack. A deluge of imposters with tall claims followed, trying to compete with the trailblazer and conquer the market. But, what separates DABUR CHYAWANPRASH from the rest is the deep trust which Indian households have developed over the years reflected in Dabur’s Trophy Cabinet reeling under the sheer weight of numerous POWER BRAND AWARDS. It won’t be a mistake to pin all our hopes on DABUR CHYAWANPRASH to build an Immune India.

We clearly have in front of us the “WHAT” to be achieved and even have in place the “WHO” or the catalyst through which the goal is to be achieved leaving us with the apparent “HOW” to achieve the goal of IMMUNE INDIA. And therein lies the rub!

This calls for diverse strategies from Dabur to place CHYAWANPRASH in the aspiring modern India and the deficient rural Bharath.

The hyperactive modern India, which has a penchant for “instant”, might look like a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless, with shrewd innovation and marketing breakthroughs, Dabur can bring down the house. The fast paced life of the city’s working male and female can fittingly begin with DABUR CHYAWANPRASH which not only equips him/her with adequate energy to face the challenges the day ahead could pose but also assures protection from virus, flu and other infections. A shot in the arm is DABUR CHYAWANPRASH’s love affair with milk which makes it all the more a reason to drink the “instant” mixture. Innovations, from the house of Dabur, such the SUGAR FREE version named DABUR CHYAWANPRAKASH can bring the calorie conscious ladies and the health conscious older generation to Dabur’s camp. The ANTI OXIDANT properties in DABUR CHYAWANPRAKASH and CHYAWANPRASH can act as effective first barriers against various forms of malignant cancers in town.

For the health conscious !
DABUR CHYAWANPRAKASH: For the health conscious !

The youth, who believe in Google more than god and heeds to no advice, can be brought in line when the advantages of consuming DABUR CHYAWANPRASH is conveyed to them by their heartthrobs through catchy advertisements. This prompts them to sit down, listen and contemplate about the message being conveyed by the stars. DABUR CHYAWANPRASH’s move to rope in M.S.Dhoni to endorse the product is a marketing coup of sorts. The city dwellers at the wrong side of thirties are the most vulnerable to the unceasing environmental pollution in the ever expanding cities of India. For them two spoons of DABUR CHYAWANPRASH a day can keep the doctor away! Despite their frailties this good practise can restore a great deal of dignity to their immune systems. Most importantly, the ANTI OXIDANT properties in DABUR CHYAWANPRASH can keep ALZIEMERS at bay. So, don’t forget!!

Making DABUR CHYAWANPRASH an inseparable part of one’s life would make one’s immune system more enhanced, guarded by the benevolent Natural Killer cells whose presence is increased three fold. India or the other markets of DABUR is yet to hear about a case of side effect as a consequence of consuming DABUR CHYAWANPRASH. This is the biggest testimony to the fact that DABUR CHYAWANPRASH is an all weather ally of the people and should be trusted unconditionally!!

Cornucopia of wellness !
DABUR CHYAWANPRASH: The Cornucopia of wellness !

The toughest and the most interesting part comes with the smart children of the concrete jungles. Armed with a cricket bat or a joy stick for eternity it indeed is an uphill task to grab their eyeballs. No matter how hard one tries to convince them, they will still take to heels at the sight of the plain, black syrupy thing called DABUR CHYAWANPRASH which apparently fits the adults. Dabur, relying purely on innovation, has met the challenge head on.

Walking down the right path, Dabur has brought to shelves an array of flavours in Chyawanaprash to conquer the hearts of the kids. This, ranging from the chocolate flavoured granular DABUR CHYAWAN JUNIOR to the Orange, Mango and the mixed fruits flavours packed in attractive colours, will without a doubt help create clouds of curiosity in the minds of children. Mothers will pick up the products from supermarket shelves without batting an eye lid. The temper tantrums during breakfasts can be overcome finally by resorting to their preferred flavours. For the more stubborn ones who are averse to spoonfuls, DABUR CHYAWAN JUNIOR and other flavours can replace jam breaking the latter’s long alliance with bread and can even supplant energy mixtures alliance with milk !!

For a Healthy, Young , Immune India.
DABUR CHYAWAN JUNIOR: For a Young, Healthy and Immune India.

Far from the tall promises by other health drinks, parents can witness improvement in energy levels and retaining capacity after DABUR CHYAWAN JUNIOR’s arrival in their kid’s life. Dabur therefore, not only helps build strong immune systems in children, but also triggers their internal faculties helping them accomplish their cherished dreams. If similar innovations and efforts from Dabur continues from all quarters then that day is not far when children will unanimously choose DABUR CHYAWAN JUNIOR as their preferred health supplement over other majors!

Children are the future of India. It is for this vital reason that Dabur should not just stop with conquering their breakfast time alone but aspire to walk the extra mile by inculcating the fast eroding element of Tradition, especially Ayurveda and its importance among them. A good starting point can be the hosting of weeklong activities and competitions on the theme “TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN INDIA” by reaching out to various schools simultaneously. Children, when embarking on village trips, putting together projects on medicinal plants and drawing pictures simultaneously learn about the rich ancient knowledge of our country enticing their minds to explore further. Dabur can catch them young by exposing them to common plants like tulsi, amla, haldi, neem and other rare herbs and their medicinal properties driving home the message of planting them and preserving the tradition leading to healthy and sustainable living.

No stranger to innovations: Chyawanprash in various flavors.
No stranger to innovations: Chyawanprash in various flavours.

This will ensure CONTINUITY and will one day witness the triumph of holistic tradition over mindless modernity. Dabur’s effort in this front in the form of “DABUR CHYAWANPRASH IMMUNE SCHOOL CHALLENGE 2013” is a laudable first move but much can be contemplated. Field trips to Dabur’s Research and Development facilities will surely enlighten the kids about Dabur’s life mission: To place Traditional Knowledge of Ayurveda at the center of Indian Living. The above plans and more such efforts in the direction will make sure that a strong base is laid towards building a strong generation culminating in a strong, immune nation.

Daily exercise and healthy food habit together with DABUR CHYAWANPRASH and its variants pack a punch fighting infections and increasing longevity leading to immunity.

Now that a plan is in place for the “urban INDIA”, the plan can be extended to the “bucolic BHARATH” with a difference. The change in settings calls for an unprecedented effort from Dabur surpassing the clichéd Corporate Social Responsibility and assuming the role of a change agent. Dabur should look inwards and draw immense inspiration from the “Daktar” S.K.Burman and his pioneering work in the villages of West Bengal!

Dabur should work in tandem with the government and other NGOs to rout poverty root and branch from rural Bharath.  As a first step it can encourage the formation of Traditional Knowledge Committees at the grass root level which aims at protecting and preserving the fast disappearing medicinal herbs and plants by arming them financially and intellectually. More initiatives with respect to Research and Development could witness a productive partnership between Dabur and erudite tribes of India. The opening of Research and Development centres nearby villages could make sourcing of medicinal plants easier and can effectively employ the jobless youths from villages accustomed to herbal plants at starting levels providing them a steady income. The villagers can be reassured by the fact that there are no guinea pigs involved in Dabur’s researches but medicinal plants!

Planting Ayurvedic dispensaries funded by Dabur in remote villages devoid of primary health centres could help restore the lost confidence in traditional systems of healings among the villagers eroded by con doctors. Simultaneously, Dabur should aspire to find a place in the shelf of every house in the village for DABUR CHYAWANPRASH. The village woman’s decreased levels of immunity can get a fillip by consuming DABUR CHYAWANPRASH and making it a habit. This will help bring down the maternal and infant mortality rates plaguing some villages. The farmer who chews a tulsi every day before leaving for farm can take it a step further by consuming two spoons of DABUR CHYAWANPRASH to ward off infections. Health camps under the aegis of Dabur catering exclusively to villages can help assess the magnitude of disease burden and take precautions accordingly. Volunteers for this mission can be handpicked from the cities which could help the latter understand the magnitude of problems faced by numerous villages in India and lets them mull over it seriously. This way villages can slowly but steadily get out of the social passivity and shun their intellectual inertia one day !

People , Planet and Profit centric growth !
People , Planet and Profit centric growth for DABUR

Finally a substantial portion of the proceeds from the sales of DABUR CHYAWANPRASH can be ploughed into villages exclusively for financing the various aspects of education among school children. Like the mid day meal scheme, DABUR CHYAWANPRASH too should become an integral part of the rural school kid’s life.  By doing so, Dabur can, through CHYAWANPRASH, make sure that poverty bows out from villages and usher in immunity slowly but steadily. The sweeping changes embracing the villages spearheaded by DABUR CHYAWANPRASH will revive the love for tradition amassing unshakable goodwill for DABUR which their competitors can only dream of. This will reduce distress migration from villages to a trickle and prevent the cities from bursting at the seams.

You and I can chip in with a change in attitude by taking to exercise, shunning junk food and switching to DABUR CHYAWANPRASH and spreading the message of wellness in the Traditional Knowledge to fellow Indians !

If we adhere to the above plan and move ahead with an unshakable resolve the ends of the twain connecting the modern India and the rural BHARATH will surely meet one day !!

Instead of wallowing about the chasm between aspiration and reality, India should embark on achieving nationwide immunity by deploying the legendary idea of reviving its Traditional System of Medicine spearheaded by Ayurveda and propagated effectively by DABUR CHYAWANPRASH. The naysayers meanwhile will shout and dismiss it as sheer madness. But time will prove that there was indeed a method in this madness.

Seven years from now, in 2020, India is all set to walk into history as the WORLD’S YOUNGEST NATION. Whether the Young India will concurrently be an IMMUNE INDIA? The answer for this lingering question hinges heavily on us and the dedication we display to achieve the goal of immune India. All we have got is seven more precious years! Let’s do it the Dabur way by Celebrating life !!

This is not the end ! This is just the beginning !!
This is not the end ! This is just the beginning !!


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Dabur Website (http://www.dabur.com/Default.aspx)

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Images: Internet.

10 thoughts on ““Nurturing my Nation !”

  1. indrani

    I am totally in awe for the effort and study you have done for the post. Truly a well written post which can be taken as good magazine article. Very interesting suggestions given to Dabur and if they work on it the ” Young India” will definitely be a healthy immune India! All the best to you a win in this!


    1. Honestly, I didnt study anything ! And since Asaram baba commented about rapes not happening in Bharath, I had this BHARATH within INDIA notion and built on it ! But I truly put a lot of effort to shape the post up so that things attain an order ! It was really cathartic ! Finally when I had my rough draft ready the jottings ran for many many pages ! The hardest part was to delete some really good points owing to the length constraint ! Finally I added some relevant pictures and submitted it !

      Thanks a lot for the comment (especially on the effort part) !
      I really appreciate that !!


    1. Frankly Amar I didnt research ! Once this idiot called ASARAM BAPU claimed that rapes wont happen in BHARATH ! And that kept me thinking about a so called BHARATH within INDIA and I just built on it !

      Talking about research I only checked dabur website, and wikipedia for ayurveda ! It was all good !

      Thanks for the comment !


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