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“How far will you go to win a Game?”

The typical response would range from “I will resort to deceit” and I will grease my opponent’s palm”. They all fall between the customary and the clichéd. Every regular response would pale in comparison with what we Indians did many moons ago. “Pandavas”, the Five Brothers of yore, got so competitive over a board game that they pawned their kingdom, their own selves, their dignity and eventually their wife just to keep a board game going!! One of the many great saints of India later penned this story down which, over the years, became one of the cultural identities of our nation. The Moral of the story: We play hard and are extremely competitive!!

No one can break their feat!

The Pandavas: No one can break their feat!

India has had a chequered history when it comes to games: be it the brainy, black and white chess or the brawny and equally demanding Kabaddi. All these games and many more had their humble origins in India. Therefore the decision by “Fat Cat” to launch “Lucky 6” in India is just what the doctor ordered.

From a labourer who strains every sinew to earn 3 square meals a day, the happy go lucky youth who daydreams about the latest bike and the scheming entrepreneur who seals a business deal without breaking a sweat; India carries along these contrasting elements in her everyday life. One common but invisible thread connecting them all is “Aspiration”. All of them live hoping that one day their aspirations would be within their grasps.

Some work exceptionally hard; some build castles in the air and others take recourse to intrigues. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that all of them are risking it out. There is no guarantee that one’s hard work will be rewarded every time and being part of the second most populous nation in the world makes it all the more difficult. There is this ever present “Frustration of Failure” looming large and it should be poised by the “Hope of Luck”.

In order to boost one’s “Hope of Luck” one can go down the beaten track offering endless petitions in the form of prayers and bribes in the form of offerings to appease Gods. But the smarter way lie somewhere else: Lotteries. This is not the Lotteries of the past which were nothing but a piece of paper carrying a string of numbers and sold by plebeian dealers outside bus stands or the ones like the Super Lottos where you had to scribble on a combination of random numbers and your luck hinged on the roll of the trivial balls. Industry has already rolled out the red carpet for a winning combination for a makeover.

A country which is the crucible of youth energy as well a burgeoning aspirational class holds all the aces. India could well be the perfect destination for “the Evolution of the 21st Century Lotteries”. Add to this equation the ever increasing Internet penetration and the Smart Phone revolution; you have a combination which packs a punch. Smart Phones are increasingly becoming affordable and its marriage with invaluable apps including exceptionally popular games has turned earth of late into a “planet of the apps”. Lucky 6 is in the most happening place on earth and if everything goes well will hold the early mover advantage in future.

Our exploits in winning a stage and proceeding to the next one in a popular game becomes a trending topic when shared through Social Network sites. This induces other to try their hands at the same and surpass our feet and create insurmountable records. At the outset it is like a drop but slowly rubs everyone off in its wake turning the game into a worldwide phenomenon. In order for a game to become a sensation it needs all the right ingredients such as the right technology, interaction and entertainment. Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 has all these concoctions in equal measure to make it an instant Social Media Sensation.

To begin with Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 is absolutely free. For a population which likes to go on discount hunting for eternity this would be hard to resist. Being available for free would will make many turn heads is something given but what makes a game appealing is its ease of playing. Lucky 6 by Fat Cat ticks this box as well since Lucky 6 has an eye catching app icon, striking user interface, easy navigation and flawless data storage which makes the app spotless . The icing on the cake is the availability across all the platforms from Android to Apple.



But what makes a game attain cult status is when users have a reason to play it. This is where the rubber hits the road. Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 combines the already happening social gaming with life changing prices and makes the most of the existing market gap! This out of the box thinking will help Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 from being just another game to attain the standing of more than just a game! Prizes are not just imaginary points or credits but things that anyone aspires for. Harnessing the power of lottery one needs to pick up six favourite brands instead of numbers. All the brands in the fray are appealing and their positions fluctuates over the course of the day but by the end of it if your chosen brands match the Top 6 you’ve hit the jackpot!! It’s that complicated lol!!

The Lucky 6 gives you a reason to share as well. If you invite your friends and they win you stand to win as well. All news is good news for the social media addicts who have a flurry of friends because the more friends you have the more you stand to win. So there is an incentive in spreading the news and shouting aloud about the new kid on the gaming block. The propositions are attractive and it sounds like a money spinner. The Crowd funding model chosen by Fat Cat is out of the ordinary since it helps Lucky 6 harness the boundless powers of financing through the internet.  The Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 gaming app is truly a game changer and will take the target audience by storm!!

It’s time for us to bring back the long buried instinct of taking chances inherited from the Band of five brothers in the Mahabharatha because we all play hoping that one good deal can turn the tables around!! So let’s gamble!

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is here to stay !

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is here to stay !


This blog post is my entry for the Happy Hours Campaign “Getting Lucky has never been this easy” conducted by IndiBlogger in association with Lucky 6 by Fat Cat about the spirit of Fat Cat’s Lucky 6 game. For more details please visit: http://fatcatgaming.com/


Image Courtsey:

Pandavas: sportskeeda(http://www.sportskeeda.com/)

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat : (http://fatcatgaming.com/)


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  1. You’ve described it in a fascinating way 🙂 and this post is short and precise… 😀

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