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The Skies have always managed to capture Indian Imagination!

From the days of yore to the present, skies have always managed to capture the Indian Imagination. Be it the richly inventive Pushpaka Vimana, the flying chariot seized by the evil incarnate Ravana, or the enduring image of an airborne Hanuman fetching the sanjeevani bearing mountain, it was ingrained in the Indian psyche that things are capable of flying and we have always looked up at the azure skies for miracles. The advent of scientific temper after attaining a hard earned freedom saw the nation transcend the mythical dreams of soaring without wings into reality by crafting a nascent aviation industry. And since then India has not looked back and Indian skies have played host to things as diverse as the lightning fast PSLVs, the deadly Agnis’ and Prithvis’, crashing MiGs and interplanetary Mangalyaans.

The Touch down of Lufthansa A380 in the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is an acknowledgement of India's growing significance in the aviation industry!

The Touch down of #LufthansaA380 in the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is an acknowledgement of India’s growing significance in the aviation industry!


But what Delhi is about to witness on 08 November 2014 will be unmatched by the event’s sheer scale and magnitude. It is a huge Gamble taken by a pioneer from Germany and they are betting it big on this historic event to blaze a trail in the Indian Aviation Industry. On 08 November 2014, the D-Day, Delhi Airport will witness the touch down of Lufthansa A380: World’s Largest Commercial Aircraft. In an industry where airlines largely keep their fingers crossed and play by rules Lufthansa has drawn the Aviation Industry into uncharted territories believing firmly that The Big Lady, Lufthansa A380, can turn the game on its head!!


There are problems aplenty for Aviation Industry and Airlines have their fingers crossed! Future looks bleak!

Despite the increasing demands for air travel as a result of increasing economic prosperity across the world, many international airports are at their wits end when it comes to congestion. The take-off and landing slides of all international airports are full of activity round the clock culminating in delayed landings. The more the passenger carriers hover over the airports owing to delayed landing the more jet fuel it guzzles leaving a bottomless hole in airlines’ wallet. Add to this the things which are beyond the control of airlines’ such as bad weather,landing emergency et al. and the equation gets all the more complex. The gravity of the problems in the aviation industry is conveyed by this sarcastic quote: “If you want to be a millionaire start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline!”

When Lufthansa officials signed on the dotted lines for ordering a fleet of the most expensive passenger plane ever made, they made a leap of faith. The airline saw the future of aviation industry in the super jumbo fleet of A380. Lufthansa A380 could wave the magic wand which could hold almost all the answers for problems plaguing the international airlines.

Lufthansa A380: A Leap Of Faith!

#LufthansaA380: A Leap Of Faith which will usher in a new era in Aviation!

The Big Lady is not your run of the mill passenger carrier. Lufthansa A380 can at once be Fast, Fuel efficient and Spacious. The roomy Lufthansa A380 is a revolution in aircraft design since The Big Lady can hold 100 more passengers than its trans-Atlantic rival Boeing 747. Lufthansa A380’s startling holding capacity comes not at the expense of Speed and Performance. The Big Lady despite being colossal is always capable of attaining the top airspeed. Since Lufthansa A380 is built with composite materials, burns 12% less fuel and is light on the wallet. This frugality will help the airline meet its green commitments.

The Big Lady combines more than 15,000 pieces of software and millions of codes thus settling for nothing less than the latest technology. All these milestones have been attained by not making any compromises on Safety. Lufthansa A380 has gone out of its way to ensure safety and has taken unprecedented measures. The Big Lady is adept at handling any crisis such as medical emergency, technical glitch or bad weather since her wheels are custom made for absorbing the landing impact and has the largest emergency landing gear put together to face any unplanned landing. The overflowing cup of woes in aviation industry is all set to be despatched into the oblivion!

Bigger is Better: Lufthansa A380 comes loaded with enhanced carrying capacity without sacrificing speed, safety and performance!

Bigger is Better: #LufthansaA380 comes loaded with enhanced carrying capacity without sacrificing speed, safety and performance!

Lufthansa A380’s performance is being scrutinised around the world with keenness since it will be an experience for all the stakeholders. From the airline crew which certainly would not have encountered anything of this scale to the passengers who have paid a premium to experience Lufthansa’s hospitality there would be unparalleled levels of eagerness and enthusiasm. The crew of Lufthansa A380 has to fire on all cylinders to gratify passengers’ expectations because they are the ones who pass the final verdict. The final verdict around the world has been an overwhelming Thumbs Up!! And Lufthansa A380 is just what the doctor ordered for the Indian Aviation Industry!!

Incredible India: All set to become the youngest nation in the world by 2020.

Incredible India: All set to become the youngest nation in the world by 2020. India is the place to be since it is the most happening place on earth!#LufthansaA380 holds the early mover advantage!

We are living in changing times. The growth momentum is gradually shifting from the west to the east. And as the eastern economies take charge, India would assume the centre stage since she holds all the aces. A Burgeoning population, increasing prosperity, sky rocketing aspirations, the jovial youth energy and the growing mobility are aspects which any international airline can ignore at their own risk! As the West ages rapidly, India will become the World’s youngest nation in the year 2020. This would eventually culminate in severing ties with tradition and nodding to new conventions owing to modernity. This transformation will reflect conspicuously in changing preference for travel and tour destinations and preparedness to work in any corner of the world as India develops strong ties with other world nations.

If Lufthansa A380 caters to the Indian Preferences it could fill the seats and its coffers as well!!

If #LufthansaA380 caters to the Evolving Indian Preferences it could fill the seats and its coffers as well!! Its all about striking the right chord!

Lufthansa A380 can be the first choice airline if it caters to the diverse Indian penchant. Realize the fact that there is no one “Indian psyche stereotype” but many and stitch your cloth accordingly. There are Frugal Indians who are the value for money kind, Opulent Indians who wants to live the experience and Entrepreneurial Indians who travel unceasingly. Lufthansa A380 can kill three birds with one stone by offering enhanced services in Economy, First and Business Class of A380. Alongside increased comfort, enhanced ambience, innovative cabin designs and more room, features such unique entertainment programmes and Lufthansa’s personal service will strike all the right chords with all type of Indians. Considering the Indian conditions, Lufthansa A380 is just what the doctor ordered. If they succeed in India they can succeed anywhere.

India Comes home during her Festivals!

India Comes home during her Festivals!

With a sizeable population already sprinkled all around the world in the form of an ebullient Indian Diaspora, opening more  international air routes to Indian cities and back would only add to Lufthansa’s profits!. And no matter which corner of the world it is an Indian would head home when Festivals comes calling. So they can expect a beeline! Lufthansa A380 will already have the early mover advantage and a couple of years down the line they can laugh all the way to the bank.

Indian Aviation Industry: One Step forward, Two Steps Backwards!

Indian Aviation Industry: One Step forward, Two Steps Backwards!

Far from these good prospects, Indian Aviation Industry is still in a time warp. Despite Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi being the largest aviation hub in India as well as South Asia and mouth watering statistics being projected for Delhi Airport in the long run, the major players in the Indian aviation scene has not got their act together! Over the years the Indian Aviation scene has become more unpredictable. As an inevitable consequence passengers suffer, profit goes down the drain and the nauseating corruption makes Indian Aviation a “No Go Zone”. The Forever Comatose Air India, the Kingfisher which doesn’t fly, the competent Jet Airways, the frugal Tiger, the opulent Etihad, Emirates et al. have to pull up their socks if they want to survive since Winds of Change are blowing Indian Aviation Industry’s way finally!! The entry of Lufthansa A380 will surely be the dawn of a new era in Indian Aviation!!

Lufthansa A380’s touch down on November 08 2014, in the Indira Gandhi International Airport will force its competitors, who have been calling incessantly for reform and for mergers, to sit down and take note! Because the changing times demand a combination of Bigger and Better things!! From Delhi Lufthansa A380’s international air routes spreading to other Indian cities in future is a given! The open and peaceful skies of India will add a new feather to its cap and will truly enter a new era when Lufthansa A380 touches down in Delhi! Alongside the Vimanas, the MiGs and the Mangalyaans she can add another miraculous engineering marvel from the skies called Lufthansa A380. The Message conveyed by The Big Lady: Lufthansa A380 to its contenders is loud and clear: Achtung! Go Big or Go Bust!!

Achtung! Bigger is Better! Go Big or Go Home!

Achtung! #LufthansaA380 is here! Go Big or Go Home! 


This blog post is my entry for the contest “Lufthansa A380 – The Dawn Of A New Era” conducted by IndiBlogger in association with Lufthansa. For More Details Please visit: http://a380.lufthansa.com/TAKEPART/#/DE/EN/home


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  1. It’s really big !..very well written… 🙂

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  2. That was a good write-up.. What happened to the results?


    • Well, the judges didn’t think otherwise. I think someone else won the contest. I was not aiming anything when I wrote this one. Just wrote it since I got great starting paras.so just built on it. But to tell you the truth, I have never won for those posts which I really thought would win something. Like the Nissan, Dabur and some other one on elections. Those were really scholarly and realistic than imaginative I guess….

      Liked by 1 person

      • After reading the last few posts, I think your personal posts are short, interesting, captivating far far more than your submissions for contests..

        Few of them are just too long to read for me at this hour, without falling asleep in between.. Catch them at a better time.. 😉

        And I guess it’s time for you to update your blog with one or two posts.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Personal posts are hmmm….. good I guess.You see I have a camera that’s half dead and I’m stuck in one single place. So I can’t write about new things and need to go down memory lane to write something or write about trivial things.

        You are spot on with the length of the posts in contest sessions. I hate to reduce the length coz I always think that diluting with important points diminishes the issue being discussed. But will learn to make amends from this year on.

        And yes, I’m working on new posts and will try to write quality posts frequently.

        Thank you mam for stopping by, reading and commenting. Means a lot!

        Liked by 1 person

      • The photographs were awesome in your posts and I really don’t get, what it means by half dead..

        I’m looking forward to your posts as well as clicks..

        Hope to meet you back soon in some other post.. 😉

        Happy blogging.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Half Dead…. hmmmmm… Well assume that you want to zoom in on a bird and when you try clicking on the button which says ZOOM it stubbornly refuses to so!! So, I redo the same thing thrice and this time as if on cue the camera goes blank or something else prompts it to go on strike. When I look back at the bird still sitting there and yearn for a good click throughout. The bird flies away and when I look back at the camera it miraculously comes back to life……..as if from a coma…..
        Short on funds to buy a new one… so still adjusting with the walking dead one….

        I too am looking forward to read more about Bharati from BHARATHIKANNAMMA (u)!!

        Have a great year ahead.. Happy blogging to you as well !!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I guess this itself could be made into a wonderful post.. Though I was smiling to read the meaning of your walking dead, I am really sorry for you..

        Kannamma is special and holds a very special meaning to me.. So that comment just made my day.. 😀 Thank you! 😀

        Do come over for more.. And I hope to get more of Bharathi’s work on the blog in the coming days.. 🙂


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