“The Green Labyrinth”   5 comments

Ever since we decided to revive our kitchen garden, my eyes have been hooked to the earth for eternity. From waking up early in the morning to sprinkling the soil with water, I’ve been doing everything to witness the seeds finally sprout from under the soil bringing forth the first sign of Green. The wait, I reckon, is frustrating. Everyday after unsuccessfully scrutinizing the soil for the first signs of life, I even soliloquized about the need to accelerate the whole cycle of growth!

But Nature has the habit ofย  revealing herself in the most unexpected ways possible! When my work prompted me to stay away from the city for a couple of days, the whole “blossoming event” was out of my mind. Meanwhile, the rest of my family tended to the needs ofย  the “reluctant seeds” like clockwork. When my jaded body was back home finally and I was roaming around like a lost soul, I heard a voice asking me: “Did you check out the Garden? The seeds finally have blossomed”.

Even though I couldn't be on time to witness the green shoot, I was on time to see the first few leaves! It was Indeed enriching!!

Even though I couldn’t be on time to witness the green shoot, I was on time to see the first few leaves! It was Indeed enriching!!

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and rushed to the backyard. On the way trains of thoughts started flowing across my mind. I could realize that my body was shrugging off the migraine and my soul was brimming with optimism. To put your heart and soul into nurturing a plant and witness the logical culmination of it all should be one of the most self-fulfilling acts of humanity. Albert Einstein brought this point home when he said: “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”.

Yes, the whole exercise is monotonous, the wait is frustrating and the atmosphere is always pregnant with anxiety! Even though, I couldn’t be home when the first shoot of green reluctantly made its maiden appearance, I indeed realized at the end of it all that April Flowers indeed bring May Flowers. Learned a lesson or two in Patience, Selflessness and most importantly in Hope!

Coming as it does at a time when the farmers of my country are moving from the frying pan into the fire, I could almost feel their pain. Untimely rains, Devastating Hailstorms, Deficient Monsoons,Cost escalations and Land Acquisition without consent are increasingly driving the farmers to take desperate measures. The ones who perform the noblest of acts are finding solutions to their problems in a piece of rope or a bottle of poison. I can imagine the devastation when farmers who put their body and soul into the soil to reap a good harvest ends up reaping a calamity. For them, the season of discontent continues.The things get quite puzzling here because it feels as if Nature hides much more than it reveals!


5 responses to ““The Green Labyrinth”

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  1. Seeing the first flowers or leaves in the own garden is always a blissful experience, I know… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Nothing can beat the joy of the first sight of tiny green soldiers emerging out of the dark mud..specially, the first two leaves, joined together as if bowed in reverence! And the three lessons are the most important lessons indeed which are easier said than practiced .. I particularly need one in patience :/


  3. I can relate to it…… though mine is a balcony garden ๐Ÿ˜. Its rightly said that one needs to learn patience from nature, everything happens in its time. Also the sight of green in our surroundings is so refreshing

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