“Of Rain Clouds, Sun Shine and Redemption”   13 comments

When the Rain gods eventually sent the pregnant clouds home which lashed the west coast breathing life back into every thing conceivable, it was just another day’s work for the Sun god in the east. It rained cats and dogs at Chengannur in Kerala whereas Chennai in Tamil Nadu turned into a fire breathing dragon at the same time. Astonishingly, the elements involved in this annual affair are all at peace with each other and all this happens like clockwork when the time for staging things arrives.

It was during the crack of one of those “would’ve been sticky days” in Chennai that the truant rain clouds had a change of mind. Out of the blue the heavens opened!! And we had a rare – precious – ephemeral butΒ  well deserved wet and cool morning!! Nevertheless even before we could utter “Carpe Diem” fully, things were back at square one. Since such sporadic rains can open the floodgates on pests, insects and what not, I was promptly posted from my bed to the backyard to inspect the plants in the garden.

Bleary eyed, my eyes searched for pale leaves, emaciated stems and other deceptive intruders. With the sky above still dark and hatching plots to pour again all I wanted to do was get out of there and to bury myself on the bed plunging headlong into another chasm of dream. Certain that all was quiet on the western front, I headed for the exit. But a very very very late change of mind saw me stop and turn my attention to the yam which was thriving in the kitchen garden. Convinced that there could be more than what meets my eyes, I got under the canopy of the plant after scrutinizing its light green stem.

What could've otherwise been a customary plant inspection in the backyard, turned out to be a novel play of light the other day.

What could’ve otherwise been a customary plant inspection in the backyard, turned out to be a novel play of light the other day.

No sooner had I placed myself under the plant and looked up at the leaves than the sun shined on me! Through my bleary eyes,I saw sunshine filtering through the tiny gaps between the leaves. When I looked around I felt as if a phantom was walking stealthily, lifting the veil of darkness which had surrounded us for a while!! This time I had all the time in the world to utter “Carpe Diem” even though the moment was ephemeral!! I could feel it and I felt alive and redeemed!!

By the time I picked up the camera, the darkness melted away. I could capture the sunshine nevertheless!!


13 responses to ““Of Rain Clouds, Sun Shine and Redemption”

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  1. Such a beautiful narration…loved it. .. wish to see your posts more frequently….

    The picture is spreading the happiness of sunshine… πŸ™‚

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    • Such kind words !!
      I too love to blog more often but get held back by many factors. Since I am a jaded soul living in a concrete jungle, I suffer from paucity of topics and hence look around me for rejuvenation and inspiration. A half dead camera, no time to travel and deadlines aggravate the same.
      But your words are inspiring. Will try to come up with a post or two in a week from now on. Will honestly try to write !! Thanks again for stopping by. Your words like your poetry is encouraging!!!

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  2. Aww..so many good words from you πŸ˜€ But, honestly I would like to read at least one post every week from you…. πŸ™‚

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  3. Stunning picture…i can feel you really enjoyed your time capturing the same.

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  4. A lovely capture this is and the description makes it all the more enigmatic. I love your language and the vocabulary. I’m hoping to read more from your blog and get acquainted with new words from now on. The blog address didn’t evade my eyes either. Gangs of Edathua reminds me of a gang we had in college. πŸ™‚ It is a title packed with friendship and a lot of Malayalitham to it (I don’t know the English word. You tell me :))

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  5. As usual, I was in much hurry at my maiden visit here, but could see me coming back πŸ™‚
    Loved your narration of the oh-not-so-mundane sunshine-dark clouds-backyard wonders … Carpe Diem πŸ™‚

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    • Hello mam! Thank you for coming back again! Thanks a lot for your kind words.I’m honoured! I too visited your blog but couldn’t do much because it was poetry and mainly in hindi. My hindi is not good enough to understand your beautiful words! I hope I will pick it up this year and contribute to your future posts thru comments. Visit again! Happy Blogging!


      • Picking up Hindi ! Wow! seems like Another of your new year resolutions πŸ˜›
        BTW, I too wanted to ask about the Blog name but at the precise moment, a domestic emergency of a missing shirt emerged and I forgot about it :/ though later searched it (the blog name ) and found it to be a place in Kuttanad, Alappuzha πŸ™‚
        Btw I like the way you write πŸ™‚


      • Oh ! for that keep your eyes open for “The Mystery Of the Missing Shirt ” πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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