“Hike To The Tunnel”

Boromir Anchuruli Real fightFight_20180730_192456_992_edited_edited_edited
“One Does Not Simply Walk Into Anchuruli. Its Black Tunnels Are Guarded By More Than Just Forest Personnel. There Is Danger There That Does Not Sleep And Its Is Ever Watchful.” Anchuruli Tunnel is a seductress in Monsoon and this picture was taken during a rain interlude!


Anchuruli is a catchment area of Idukki Arch Dam in Kanchiyar Village near Kattappana in the district of Idukki in Kerala. The Anchuruli Tunnel is highly noted for the 4 km long circular tunnel that carries water from Erattayar dam near Kattappana to Idukki reservoir. The Tunnel. seen in this picture shot into prominence after an aesthetically shot scene from the Malayalam movie “Iyobintey Pustakam” featured the location. This gave a whole new perspective to the Tunnel.

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