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“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkein. 

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One side of a bussie road in North Chennai silently screaming the arrival of the new movie “Vada Chennai”  under the city lights at night. The spotlight is on the protagonist “Anbu” played by actor Dhanush who stands for the people and his backyard in the film. The thin line between reality and reel blurs further when you step into Tamil Nadu where successful Matinee Icons who set the screens ablaze have later crossed over to Politics extending the Personality Cult to the latter. I belong to that part of India where Max Webber’s Charismatic Leadership runs amok!


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boatman G_20170120_182256-01_edited

A Boat Sans The Boatman And A Temple Without Any Devotees. I Had Wandered Into A World That Just Had Me Accompanying Myself. I felt Very Lonely. The Silence Was Deafening Yet The Soul Was At Peace With The World! River Banks Have Produced Civilizations And Sometimes They Can Create A Philosopher Out Of You If You Sit By The Bank And Take A Plunge Into The Life You Have Just Lived! A River Is Not The Same Always Since The Waters Keep Moving. I Too Was Not The Same Anymore Since Life Had Changed Me Too. Come, Sit By The Mystic River And Contemplate Life!


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Pumpkin guard_20170907_140429_edited

Leaves Spread Themselves Out Vigilantly Guarding Their Beloved Fruit From Intruders!

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Boromir Anchuruli Real fightFight_20180730_192456_992_edited_edited_edited

“One Does Not Simply Walk Into Anchuruli. Its Black Tunnels Are Guarded By More Than Just Forest Personnel. There Is Danger There That Does Not Sleep And Its Is Ever Watchful.” Anchuruli Tunnel is a seductress in Monsoon and this picture was taken during a rain interlude!


Anchuruli is a catchment area of Idukki Arch Dam in Kanchiyar Village near Kattappana in the district of Idukki in Kerala. The Anchuruli Tunnel is highly noted for the 4 km long circular tunnel that carries water from Erattayar dam near Kattappana to Idukki reservoir. The Tunnel. seen in this picture shot into prominence after an aesthetically shot scene from the Malayalam movie “Iyobintey Pustakam” featured the location. This gave a whole new perspective to the Tunnel.

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