“Realpolitik #2 Bye Bye Cycles.”


Realpolitik in simple worlds means – politics or diplomacy based primarily on power and on practical and material factors and considerations, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises. A phenomenon widely practiced in India today. The entries under REALPOLITIK are an ATTEMPT to connect the immediate events which go past us by looking at the funny side of those ! It is outright silly !!


I waited and waited and waited for them to reverse their decision but nothing happened. I am forced to write and publish this post hoping that REASONING will revisit Kolkata again. When ASI went in search of the elusive gold another story was unfolding in the east which had all the ingredients to surpass the former but stayed subdued though. Kolkata banned CYCLE and its TRIBE from most of its thoroughfares !!! Environmentalist and Cycle enthusiasts were clueless as to what prompted the authorities to do so !

Eventually, evidences are trickling down from the inner circles as to what was running in Di’s mind when she took the decision. Turns out that Di was a TRUE BLUE supporter of the world’s most successful professional cyclist LANCE ARMSTRONG. The Blue Eyed boy of the cycling world was loved by Di so much that she painted the city BLUE when he announced his comeback signifying “SKY IS THE LIMIT”. The Left could only see RED. But that move backfired spectacularly when it ended up promoting BLUE FILMS inadvertently ! When Armstrong fell from grace she went berserk. This was reflected in her ignominious conduct towards her party colleague who doubled as the Railway minister back then. When her grief hit new heights and transformed into unwarranted suspicions, she accused her coalition partner MANMOHAN of being a MAOIST  and walked out of the alliance ! Poor Chap !! Accusations flew thick and fast ! Mao was invoked at the drop of a hat. During T.V. shows, her party’s rallies and even SHIEKH HASINA was denied TEESTA TREATY owing to Mao. Still nursing the wounds of ARMSTRONG’s fall from grace the Kolkata Corporation, under the aegis of a vicarious Di, banned CYCLE and its tribe from its roads. This , insiders claim, was to prove her unflinching loyalty towards Lance Armstrong. She even fears that the whole LANCE ARMSTRONG DOPING FIASCO was a MAOIST CONSPIRACY ! This blanket ban on cycles, she believes, should send out a loud and clear message to her detractors and conveys her determination to stand by the side of the cyclist as he fights his darkest hours ! She should in fact think about changing her party’s slogan to MA(O), MATI, MANUSH !! That would at least be a small PARIBORTAN !!

For the dejected BLUE COLLARED WORKERS and CYCLISTS of KOLKATA, they should replace the Rabindra Sangeeth emanating from traffic signals of Kolkata and play instead the “BICYCLE” song by QUEEN as a sign of protest !!

P.S: No one can imaginatively snub the Yankees like the Bengal of the yore. They registered their protest against AMERICAN IMPERIALISM by renaming the road in which the American Consulate stood as HO CHI MINH SARANI !! The present Bengal is a mere shadow of their forefathers. Painting the city blue to aim high or Banning cycles,which is the livelihood of the poor, owing to slowing down traffic and to thwart terror attacks are decisions which oozes stupidity from all sides.  If Bengal needs real PARIBORTAN, the policy makers should stop scratching the surface and welcome back reasoning as a first step!



6 responses to ““Realpolitik #2 Bye Bye Cycles.””

  1. I can not agree more to what you have written – really a shadow of former self.


    1. Hello Brother,
      Thanks for your honest comments.
      You are right !! It is because my judgement is clouded by the bengal of the pre independence era and the immediate years after that ! I ve never been to bengal and I have known it from history books alone. New signs of leadership might be flourishing there but what is projected is misgovernance. Hope the former comes to the fore soon !! (I had replied to your comment but somehow it stayed unpublished !! Sorry for the late reply…)


  2. Reblogged this on PROPEL STEPS and commented:
    What! Ban Walking too 😛


  3. So true! The state seems to be going from bad to worse to god-knows-what 😦


  4. I had got a mail sometime back to sign a petition against this. I did it, hope it matters.
    When I read it for the first time I was aghast. Feel so helpless with such politicians hovering on us.


    1. They are paying no attention to the outcries ! This decision is like beating on the stomach of many ordinary indians !


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